10 Bad Tips that No Web Developer Can Avoid

When it comes to designing a website, there are certain protocols that one must follow. One can always come across these rules all over the Internet and web designing textbooks but it is always good practice to repeat some of these points which are notoriously ignored by most web designers. Web designers must understand that web development does not happen overnight. One cannot just design a website and expect that it is developed. Web development takes time, practice and a lot of technology. 

Here are some of the most important tips for website development:

1.    A clear brand message
2.    High quality content.
3.    Intuitive Design.
4.    Simplicity and Minimalism.
5.    Importance of Usability.
6.    Responsive Web Design.
7.    Mobile Readiness.
8.    Website Readability.
9.    Avoiding JavaScript and Flash.
10.    Using HTML 5.

1.    A website without a clear brand message fails

Web development is all about making content and information available for a long time. Content and information must be relevant and should be accessible to readers and visitors. Thus, it is important to ensure that there is a clear brand message that is reflected in the way a website is designed and developed.

2.    Ensure quality of content

Content is king and it is one of the most often repeated clichés. Nonetheless it is also one of the most important points to note. Good content ranks highly on SEO and is timeless.

3.    Design should be intuitive and not jarring

A web developer should ensure that programming is done in such a way that a website is intuitive. It should not be confusing and software errors must not crop up.

4.    Minimalism and simplicity are of utmost importance

There is nothing worse than a website that looks and feels complex. People just do not spend time on such a website. A simple and minimalist website attracts more visitors.

5.    Importance of Usability

Usability is all about how easy a website is to use. People should be able to use websites without having to think or do too many things.

6.    Responsive Web Design

With the advent of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, one needs to play a greater emphasis on how a website appears on various devices. Using a fluid layout or responsive web design is very important for web development success.

7.    Mobile readiness

Websites should be ready for mobile devices. Websites should be designed and developed with mobile devices in mind.

8.    Website should give importance to readability

Websites should be built with large white spaces and good typography must be chosen. Anything that is jarring must be eliminated.

9.    Try not to use JavaScript and avoid Flash

Many mobile browsers are not compatible with Flash and few may not run JavaScript accurately. Avoiding these two and using CSS3 is a better idea.

10.    Use HTML 5

HTML 5 is a great tool to build websites that look great on desktops, smartphones and tablets. It provides graphic-rich content that is also search engine optimized.

Any web design firm will know that these 10 tips are crucial. However, web designers and developers should take these tips very seriously and implement them in every project.

Author Bio:
 SJ is a consultant at a web design firm. She has helped budding designers to understand a changing Internet and an emerging new media.