Data Visualization Designs

How Data Visualization Designs can Inspire You as a Designer?

Data visualization is the simple representation of data, where the information is abstracted in schematic form, including the attributes and the variables. The main goal of data visualization is to convey the information clearly and effectively through graphical means. This should have aesthetic value along with proper functionality that provides appropriate insight into complex set of data. Data visualization is an inseparable part of Infographics, which can inspire every designer to achieve a balance between forms and functionality in the following ways:

Graphical representation of data: Different types of complex information and data can be conveniently represented by wide range of visual tools, like bar graphs, bar charts, pie charts or other type of charts and graphs. Data visualization is very helpful in creating 2D or 3D display of information. This powerful tool can be easily used by everybody, from school students to business entrepreneurs, in order to convert a boring presentation into an attractive one.

Interactive mapping: Data visualization has the amazing power of converting any regular informational tool into an interactive one. An interactive map is one such tool that allows the viewer to get more information whenever they click on certain parts of the map. The method is called ‘drilling down’, which is useful for many businesses including Government agencies. Some of the airlines provide interactive map for the interior of the aircraft, so that the passengers can select and book their own seating. Some countries have interactive maps for different areas, states or cities, which are open to all for general use. These types of interactive maps provide information according to viewers’ requirements.

Reporting tool:
 This is advantageous for preparing a presentation in an interactive and meaningful way. Be it a school level presentation or a highly complicated presentation for corporate purpose, reporting tool can simplify the data presented with interactive maps, bars and charts.

Data mapping: This tool is used for presenting different types of data, be it research data or geographical data or any other information. Data visualization offers the facility of mapping any data with simple display, which expedites the presenter’s job of presenting complicated information in an understandable way.

Business mapping: This is a part of data mapping, where only business related visual data is represented. Data visualization is effective for business mapping to collect real time information. For example, business mapping can be done for creating department map, which is helpful for maintain inventory, or managing shipping at both inbound and outbound level. It is also possible to visualize the real time scenario of the warehouse at computer screen.

Converting HTML to PDF: A presentation is quite different from the hand-out or file copy. The most challenging part of data visualization was to print the information from HTML format with intact margin. HTML files could not be automatically formatted for printing convenience. Data visualization is unique in providing printing facilities, as it converts the HTML files into PDF format for the ease of printing.

Executive Dashboard: Data visualization can effectively compile the data to be presented, but it is also required to manage the data in the best possible way. Executive Dashboard is a handy tool that comes in use for customizing and managing the displays and reports presented by data visualization.

Flash graphs: Flash technology is a wonderful means of displaying the information in an artistic way. Flash graphs, flash charts and flash maps display the information that is needed by the viewers and can be seen by clicking the mouse or just moving the cursor. The images and information are immediately displayed and websites look more tidy and manageable when flash graphs are used.

.Net technology: This technology is widely used for data visualization display and comes with anchored text on a report or data in charts, graphs or maps. Apart from the .Net technology, perl charts, perl graphs, perl maps and coldfusion graphs, coldfusion charts and coldfusion maps are also effective tools used as a part of data visualization. All of these technologies can be used in .Net PDF attachments.

508 compliance: Data visualization services have made it possible to access data by disable persons.

At the information era of today, data visualization is a powerful tool for everybody for presenting data for different purposes, from education to business. This wide usability of data visualization can attract and inspire the designers for introducing simplicity, even for most complex and detailed data.

Summary: Data visualization is an effective and powerful tool for representing more complicated data in a simplified way. Data visualization is perfect for designers to represent data at educational or business level.

Author’s Bio: SJ is the business development officer of a US based Software Company. He takes the help of data visualization services for designing simplified presentations of the complex functionality of software product.