Five Pros and Cons of GIF Logos

Five Pros and Cons of GIF Logos with respect to Design Inspiration

The modern business world is making use of Internet as a great marketing platform and from big to small all kinds of businesses are using it to their best to achieve the desired results. Keeping Internet marketing in view a new trend in logo design has come up that involves using animated GIFs in place of stationary and traditional images.  Although a GIF Logo is yet a matter of controversy to the graphic designers, these are becoming quite common and we see them everywhere these days. Animated logo design is the latest trend in the world of Logo Designing and Logo Design with animation has come as a power pack loaded with lots of features which business entrepreneurs are making use to get the brand identity. There are mixed opinions about GIF Logos; while some are saying it has provided a much more dynamic means for reaching out a brand to its potential customers and a great way to future prospect, others differ from them pointing out some of the disadvantages.  By using the GIF Logos in strategic ways interesting designs can be created for icon use.

Five Pros and Cons of GIF Logos with respect to Design Inspiration:

•    In comparison with other Logos some of which get passed over with a quick glance, the GIF logos catch our eyes immediately. Using 3-D design you can show off your creativity.

•    When it is animated design a standard image can be used for a stationary logo created from the same image.

•    An animated Logo Design catches the attention of all by being different from others; even when such a design is there among other animations it will be able to draw your attention.

•    With modern software for editing these days animation has gained a sleeker look with a better polish and smoothness.

•    While discussing the cons of GIF logos it can be said that all media or sites do not support such Logos and they can take a little cheesy look if proper balance is not maintained in the image. Sometimes, for certain layouts they may be found too busy.

The website owned by David Ope contain some exclusive GIFs which are quite inspiring and exhibiting the way to create vibrant visual teasers. Many of these can be transformed into a Logo Design and provoking the thought of creating animated brand logo.

CyberChaos, the Flickr member is there with multiple inspiring images where you can get the idea of creating a shifting Logo. The gorgeous piece of work, although a bit complex and trippy, gives rise to various concepts as you view it.

Pace Cleaning Company is the perfect place when you are looking for an example on the use of multi-moving animated image for a company. The design is simple and good in respect of the movement occurring in the image. Some polishing can be used and a professional look can be attributed with the clock moving and portraying the stationary words behind.

In Logo Animated you can get a cool and little logo showing the globe cut into half that rests on a white background. It is made into a speaker along with sound waves from it. Though it is not specified what it is for, but it is a perfect instance of remarkable image within a prospective niche.

Eternal Lobby Lounge does not make use of a full moving image; instead it has a traditional Logo with a black background. For animation this logo uses the center location. When looking for a perfect balance in a GIF logo this is the perfect example. It has a trendy and sleek look and everything from the shape of the fire to the colors used and the way it is contained, everything is so gorgeous. The added advantage is, when it is a traditional logo you can use the same logo excluding the animation.

At the end of the discussion it can be said that although GIF Logos come with both pros and cons, it is more importantly a personal preference and the real trick lies in creating an effective and attractive image in the correct manner by handling it professionally. Animated Logo Design has brought a cost-effective solution and a new way of building the corporate identity for the business owners by helping them expressing their mission and vision in an exclusive manner.

About Author: Sarah is a specialist Logo Designer who has been working in this field for the past 15 years now. She likes to impart her thoughts with her readers pertaining Logo Design and Animated Logo Design. In this article she is sharing some valuable information with us on five Pros and Cons of GIF Logos with respect to Design Inspiration.