Copying a WordPress Website

Copying or moving a WordPress site to a different domain

This is a simplified 7 step process showing the main steps of moving or copying your domain.

  1. Login to the backend of your WordPress site and deactivate all plugins. (Sometimes leaving them activated can cause problems).
  2. Go to File Manager via Cpanel, and open the public_html folder. Select all and zip. Download the zip file and make sure to delete the copy on the server.
  3. In the new domain go to Cpanel and then to MySQL Database and create a new database. Also create a new user and make a note of the password. Add the user to the new database.
  4. In the new domain go to File Manager and update the wpconfig.php file with the new database name, new user and new password from step 3.
  5. In the old domain, in Cpanel go to MyPHPadmin and download the SQL file.
  6.  Open in Notepad++ or similar and do a search and replace to change all instances of the old domain with the new domain.
  7. In the new domain, via MyPHPadmin, select the new empty database you created and then upload the amended SQL file.