Logo Design Brief

Whether a certain logo design is a great logo or not is a difficult question to answer. There’s no right or wrong answer as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With just about anything in life, what looks good to one person may not look good to someone else. The same applies to a company logos. So as you can imagine it can be difficult sometimes when designing a logo for another company or individual as the design has to appeal to their personal taste.

It can be difficult at times providing  freelance logo design services. There have been occasions in the past where I’ve been given hardly any information or brief regarding the type of logo the customer requires, so I’ve had to try and guess what type of company logo style they would like. What I tend to do on these occasions is to think about designing the graphic logo, as if it was for my own company. I’ll design something that I think would look good using my judgement. After all, they must have liked my portfolio or logo design gallery to approach me in the first place, so there’s a good chance they’re going to like what I come up with. But even without hardly any guidance, I can sometimes get a feel for the style of logo that a customer would like.

For example, the client may have given me an existing web site address which I find can be very useful. Just by browsing through a few pages of their site, a designer can gain a lot of useful information, to help with the design of the client’s logo. The general look of the site may be futuristic, colourful, simple, homely, businesslike or a complete mess! Also, colours and font styles can give ideas and guidance.

To make things easier for myself and also not waste my clients’ time, it’s always best to obtain as much information as possible from the start. Otherwise both parties may find themselves on a long haul trying figure out what type of logo they actually want. Which just leads to frustration all round. So it’s always advisable to supply a detailed Logo brief, by filling out my online Logo Design form, I should then have enough information to help me design your custom logo.